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Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Minnesota 

1998 (Engg.) and PhD in metallurgical engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

1991 in Metallurgical engineering, Institute of Technology, BHU, Varanasi


2016-2017 Visiting Professor, TU, Hamburg, Germany
2008-2009 Visiting Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Editor, Journal of Materials Science

Member of editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Materials Chemistry A


FASc- Fellow of Indian Academy of Science


FRSC- Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry, UK


Distinguished Alumnus Award, Dept. Metallurgical Engineering, IIT-BHU



Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize


Materials Research Society of India Medal


Swarnajayanti Fellowship, DST, Government of India


Alexander von Humboldt


Roland B Snow Award (Best of Show) for Ceramographic exhibition at 104th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, St. Louis


Roland B Snow Award (Best of Show) for Ceramographic exhibition at 103th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, Indianapolis

Our research is centred around the bottom-up paradigm for the synthesis and assembly of nanostructures. The first step is the synthesis of building blocks that will be subsequently assembled in to different mesostructures. In synthesis, the primary emphasis is on obtaining a detailed mechanistic understanding of morphology evolution for anisotropic nanostructures. We synthesize structures in the form of 1-D structures (wires and rods), 2-D form (platelets or nanoprisms) and 3-D structures with intricate shapes (primarily porous structures). In addition, we also synthesize hybrid structures based on metal nanostructures tethered to polymer beads, silica spheres or multiwalled carbon nanotubes for various applications. The second step involves assembling the nanostructures produced on a suitable substrate or template for various applications. We have developed a new solvothermal method to integrate synthesis and assembly in a single step process. In addition, we use the template approach to directly synthesize patterned structures on a template in a single step. We also explore the top-down approach to produce nanopatterns by controlled dewetting of continuous thin films on substrates. We owe much of our success in these areas to our capabilities for examining the structures formed at various stages, at different length scales using a combination of advanced microscopy techniques. We use the visible-light microscope, scanning electron microscopes, transmission electron microscopes and the atomic force microscope to interrogate various aspects of the structures formed.

Recent Publications:

1 R. K. Rai, S. Islam, A. Roy, G. Agrawal, A. K. Singh, A. Ghosh, Ravishankar N

Morphology controlled synthesis of low bandgap SnSe2 with high photodetectivity

Nanoscale, 11, 2019, 870-877.

2 D. Chatterjee, S. Shetty, K. Müller-Caspary, T Grieb, F. F. Krause, M. Schowalter, A. Rosenauer, Ravishankar N.

Ultrathin Au-Alloy Nanowires at the Liquid–Liquid Interface

Nano letters 18 (3), 2018, 1903-1907

3 A. Kumar, S. Kundu, D. Samantaray, P. Kundu, D. Zanaga, S. Bals , Ravishankar N.

Designing diameter-modulated heterostructure nanowires of PbTe/Te by controlled dewetting

Nano letters 17 (12), 2017, 7226-7233

4 S. Shetty, S. K. Sinha, R. Ahmad, A. K. Singh, G. V. Tendeloo, Ravishankar N.

Existence of Ti2+ States on the Surface of Heavily Reduced SrTiO3  Nanocubes

Chemistry of Materials 29 (23), 2017, 9887-9891

5 D. Chatterjee, Akash R, K. Kamalnath, R. Ahmad, A. K. Singh, Ravishankar N. 

Orientation selection during heterogeneous nucleation: implications for heterogeneous catalysis

The Journal of Physical chemistry C 121 (18), 2017, 10027-10037


A. Roy, K. R. Amin, S. Tripathi, S. Biswas, A. K. Singh, A. Bid, Ravishankar N.

Manipulation of optoelectronic properties and band structure engineering of ultrathin Te nanowires by chemical adsorption.

ACS applied materials & interface 9 (23), 2017, 19462-19469


S. Tripathi, R. Bose, A. Roy, S. Nair, Ravishankar N.

Synthesis of Hollow Nanotubes of Zn2SiO4 or SiO2: Mechanistic Understanding and Uranium Adsorption Behavior.

ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (48), 2016,  26430-26436

8 A. Leelavathi, G. Madras, Ravishankar N.

New insights into electronic and geometric effects in the enhanced photoelectrooxidation of ethanol using ZnO nanorod/ultrathin Au nanowire hybrids

Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (41),  2015, 14445-14455


S. Kundu, P. Kundu, G. V. Tendeloo, Ravishankar N.

Au2Sx/CdS Nanorods by Cation Exchange: Mechanistic Insights into the Competition Between Cation‐Exchange and Metal Ion Reduction

small 10 (19), 3895-3900, 2014


A. Roy, S. Kundu, K. Müller, A. Rosenauer, S. Singh, P. Pant, M. P. Gururajan, P. Kumar, J. Weissmüller, A. K. Singh, Ravishankar N.

Wrinkling of atomic planes in ultrathin Au nanowires

Nano letters 14 (8), 4859-4866, 2014

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Electron microscopy in materials Characterization

Structure of Materials UMT202


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